Mount Lokon Trekking for 6 hours

Mount Lokon Trekking (only euro 75)


Departure daily from Manado, Duration of this trip 6 hours
Great deal with great price, We offer only EURO 75 per person
Included: Lunch box, Guide, Private AC car + driver + fuel

Name of volcano: Gunung Lokon
Area location : Kakaskasen II, Tomohon town
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano Volcano
Last Known Eruption: 1991 and 2003  
Summit Elevation: 1580 m 5,184 feet
Latitude: 1.358°N 1°21'30"N
Longitude: 124.792°E 124°47'30"E

The volcanoes Gunung Lokon rising about 1.580 meters above sea level, It has had 21 eruptions in historic times and neighbour Gunung Empung, are among the most active volcanoes in the north of Sulawesi. Gunung Lokon, the higher of the two peaks ( whose summits are only 2.2 km apart), Gunung Lokon has a flat and craterless top. The morphologically younger Empung volcano has a 400-m-wide, 150-m-deep crater that erupted last in the 18th century, but all subsequent eruptions have originated from Tompaluan crater, is a 150 x 250 m wide double crater situated in the saddle between Gunung Lokon and gunung Empung. Historical eruptions have primarily produced small-to-moderate ash plumes that have occasionally damaged croplands and houses, but lava-dome growth and pyroclastic flows have also occurred. Gunung Lokon is usually considered to be the more beautiful of the two and casual walk should be made for the climbers in reasonable condition. The mountain with 1,580 meters high has a crater lake and beautiful scenery surround. The best time to start walking  is early morning between 4 or 5 am, reach the crater while the morning is still cool and sun has just filled the crater will make your trip wonderfull. The steaming crater is considerable beauty, duck-egg blue and smoking. The lake is about 60 m deep, crusted with yellow sulphur.

This magnificent active volcano. Last big eruption on 1991 and 2003. Following the frozen lava flow you will reach the steaming crater which lies bellow the peak of the mountain. At this point the landscape takes on the appearance of the charred moonscape. To reach crater takes a total of about 2 hours. Be sure to bring sturdy footwear.

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