Mount Klabat Trekking for 2D1N



Departure daily from Manado, Duration of this trip 2 days / 1 night
We offer only EURO 100 per person ( min. 2 persons )
Included: Meals, Camping equipment, Guide, Porter, Transport + driver + fuel
Name of the volcano: Gunung Klabat
Location : Airmadidir, North Minahasa
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano
Volcano Status:Fumarolic
Last Known Eruption: Unknown
Summit Elevation: 1995 m 6,545 feet
Latitude: 1.47°N 1°28 0 N Longitude: 125.03°E 125°2 0 E

Klabat is an isolated symmetrical stratovolcano that rises to 1995 m near the eastern tip of the elongated northern arm of North Sulawesi Island. The volcano lies east of the city of Manado and is the highest in North Sulawesi. Klabat has a shallow crater lake its about 170 x 250 m found on the summit. No reported historical eruptions have occurred from this volcano, but fumarolic activity has occurred within historical time. A report of an eruption in 1683 probably was from Tongkoko volcano near  Bitung.

Klabat Mount is located in Airmadidi district, about 23 Km from Manado with altitude 1995 m ( 6,545 feet ) from the sea level, offer you different kind of vegetation and amazing panorama from the coconut plantation and sub alpine vegetation.

Find and break your limit, while trekking up its different shape of trail from easy to difficult gradient, taste the spirit of adventure by hunting up the sunset and sunrise from the Klabat peak, also enjoy the campfire tales of klabat legend while overnight at the camping site. The trek is so challenging and need more of adventure spirit and power.

The land of Minahasa is a mountain combination with slope mount in many places. Minahasa is famous with its volcano areas where there are many active volcano, offers you a close up of natural wonders: its beautiful rainforest, varied wildlife, sulfur crater, and amazing scenery. You’ll meet the satisfaction to do Klabat volcano trekking with us. Our well trained guide with qualified in mountain tracking will lead you to the amazing scenery.

Be ready start on trekking into dense forest, takes 6-7 hours to the top, two for descent goes through superb rainforest flora and fauna, it’s a tough hike (Notes; Recommended to bring a good pair of shoes, the paths are rocks steeply and slippery sometimes. Your guide will set up a tent near the top for the sunrise and the stupendous views across peninsula, enjoy lovely night shaded by candle light, while you are counting a thousand star over the sky, please keep your eyes for the view of Manado City and its surrounding.

Trekking down through the narrow path of the thick forest, crossing down though the narrow trail and ascending through the rocky path to the peak, make this trip extraordinary and unforgettable for you. See also the unique vegetation of Klabat Volcano such as Pitcher plant, cranberries, wild berries, edelweiss flower which can be sparkle on moonbeam.

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