Trans Sulawesi North to Central via Togian

Trans sulawesi North to Central via Togian

Sulawesi formerly known as Celebes, offers a variety of cultural riches extending far beyond its colorful past. Contained within its unusual shape lie volcanic mountains lush tropical forests, brilliant green rice terraces, and deep dark lakers, all bordered by pristine beaches and sparkling coral reefs. Ancient customs and practices of its multiple ethnic groups are blended into the daily lives

Trans Sulawesi North to Central via Togian Islads for 11 Days / 10 Nights
Start: Manado north Sulawesi, Finish: Palu central sulawesi

Manado, has a reputation for spectacular beauty. Three volcanoes tower over the city, and much of the surrounding area has been set aside for a nature reserve, including the crystal-clear waters of Bunaken Island, off the north coast of Manado.
Bunaken National Marine Park was formally established in 1991 and is among the first of Indonesia's growing system of marine parks. The park covers a total surface area of 89,065 hectares, 97% of which is overlain by sparkling clear, warm tropical water. The remaining 3% of the park is terrestrial, including the five islands of Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Nain and Siladen. Although each of these islands has a special character, it is the aquatic ecosystem that attracts most naturalists.
Gorontalo, the city is quite pretty, clean and very friendly with beautiful old colonial buildings. Gorontalo extending from hilly area to lower ground on which volcanoes stand is very fertile and generous. The agricultural crops that include corn, rice, coconut and dry season crops are very abundant. The sea is very rich and generous.
Togian Islands, located in the heart of the Tomini Gulf. Reachable from Ampana or Gorontalo. To get really off the beaten trek hop on one of the boat & ferry ship running between Ampana and Gorontalo with stops on the way at the islands Bomba, wakai, Ketupat and Dolong The Togian Islands are also unusual in being surrounded by all major types of coral reef environments.
Lake Poso, Tentena, according to the legend Lake Poso is the pivot around which heaven and earth revolve. Indeed, located dead in the center of Sulawesi, the lake appears to be the force around which the pinwheel arms of Sulawesi turn. Rich in history and local legend, this area is fun to explore. Lake Poso, 37 kilometres long and 13 kilometres wide, offers rainforests, love and coffee plantations, and villages connected by lush green rice fields.


Comprises an area of 217,991 ha in Central Sulawesi. It’s isolation, cool, high altitude seclusion and spectacular vistas of untouched mountain ranges swathed in the dark green of virgin rain forest make it one of Indonesia best trekking site. Megalithic stones, traditional culture, and a unique mix of flora and fauna all add to its wealth.  Lore Lindu National Park encloses the valleys of Bada, Besoa and Napu, which are the most visited areas inside the park. The valleys are also visited by tourist interested in Indonesian history. They visit the various archeologic site where megaliths can be found.


Megalithic statues that are hundreds, if not thousands of years old, dot Bada Valley, Besoa and Napu are considered to be the finest stone monuments of their type in Indonesia. The origin of these massive, well-worked, yet elegantly simple, granite carvings has been lost over time as they pre-date the existing ethnic groups found around the park. Various archaeological studies date them as early 3.000 BC or as recently as 1.300 AD. They are believed to relate to ancestor worship. The tallest megalith stands at a height of over 4 meters, but most are 1,5 – 2,5 meters tall.


There are seven closely related ethnic groups living in and around the park. A century ago these people lived in small warring clans practicing shifting agriculture. Today, they have a settled village life farming rice in the valleys around the park. These communities use the forest as a source of resources for trade and cash, but do not have any cultural or spiritual attachment to it. The majority of the indigenous people around the park is Christian and has been under missionary influence since the turn of the century. Traditional bark cloth called Kain Kulit Kayu is still made in the Bada Kulawi Valleys. Music played on bamboo instruments, and traditional dances are a part of wedding ceremonies and other important celebrations in most of the valley.

Day 01 : Manado – Bunaken
Arrival in Manado and direct transfer to Bunaken Island, check-in at a resort. Meeting service and dinner 

Day 02-Day 03 : Bunaken Snorkeling Tour
Two days to explore the snorkeling in the Bunaken Islands, here you will be accompanied by our snorkeling guide who knows all the best spot around in the islands.

Day 04 : Bunaken – Manado – Gorontalo (every Tuesday & Friday evening)
After breakfast by boat to Manado then by car to Gorontalo takes 8 hours. Lunch enroute. Late afternoon arrive in Gorontalo. Dinner at local restaurant then transfer to the harbour for overnight ferry to ogian.

Day 05-Day 06 : Togian Snorkeling Trip
Two days to explore the snorkeling in the Togian islands. Your trip also includes the visit to the Bajo Village (sea gypsies). 

Day 07 : Togian – Ampana
After breakfast, leave for Ampana by public boat. Lunch box provided arrive in Ampana check-in at Oasis hotel and overnight.

Day 08 : Ampana – Tentena
After breakfast, leave for Tentena. Lunch enroute arrive in Tentena check-in at Victory hotel for overnight stay

Day 09  : Tentena – Bada Valley (72 km)
After breakfast, to Bada valley around three and half hours drive. Lunch enroute. Late afternoon arrive in Bomba check-in at Losmen. then we will visit some of megalithic near by.

Day 10 : Bada Valley Megaliths - Tentena
After breakfast, trekking and visiting megaliths statues around the valley, lunch box provided back to the guesthouse then drive back to Tentena and we will visit Saluopa waterfall.

Day 11 : Tentena - Palu
After breakfast, we will drive 7 – 8 hours to Palu. Late afternoon arrive in Palu. Transfer to your hotel for your next destination. End of the tour.

The package / inclusive of:
Accommodation in twin share room, breakfast daily, transport in airconditioned car + fuel + driver, English speaking guide, Meals and accommodation costs for guide and driver.  

What not include:
Meals, Lunch, Dinner  & Beverages (Alcoholic, Soft drink, Mini bar at hotel), All entrance fee for tourists object. Optional Tours & Services are not mentioned on the itinerary, Private expenses (Laundry, Phone call etc), Tips for guide and driver

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