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Funeral Ceremonies
The most important for Torajan is funeral or known locally as the TOMATE. Without proper funeral rites the soul of the deceased will cause misfortune to its family. The Toraja generally have two funerals, one immediately after death and an elaborate second funeral after preparations habe been made. This is usually visitor might see during the dry months of june to September. Before the second funeral, the deceased remains, in the family house. An invitation to visit the deceased is an honour. If you accept, remember to thank the deceased and ask permission of the deceased when you wish to leave, as you would a living host. The second funeral can be spread over several dasy and involve hundreds of guets or even thousands.Torajans believe that the soul of animal should follow their masters to next life, hence the importance of animal sacrifices. Visitor attending a funeral should wear black or dark-coloured clothing.

Belief of Toraja
Torajan mythology suggests that their ancestor came by boat from the south, sailed up Sungai Sa’dan (Sa’dan river) and dwelled in the Enrekang region before being pushed into the mountains by the arrival of other groups. Buffaloes are a status symbol for the Toraja, and are of paramount importance in various religious ceremonies. The buffalo has traditionally been a symbol of wealth and power – even land could be bought with buffaloes. Sought-after spotted buffalo can cost about US$ 9000. Prior to the arrival of Christianity, the Toraja believed in many gods, but worshipped Puang Matua as the special god of their family, clan or tribe. Christianity undermined some traditional Torajan beliefs, but the ceremonies are still a vital part of life.

Traditional Houses of Toraja
One of the most noticeable aspects about Tana Toraja is the size and grandeur of Tongkonan (traditional houses). It is the meaning place for family gatherings, and may not be bought or sold. The towering roof, rearing up at either end, is the most striking aspect of a tongkonan. Some believe the roof, represents the horns of a buffalo; other suggest it represents the bow and stern of a boat. The more buffalo horns visible, the higher the household’s status.


TORAJA TOUR - 3 Days / 2 Nights

Upon arrival at Hasanuddin Airport Makassar. Afterwards, take approx. 8 hours drive to Toraja passing through the Buginese villages with their typical wooden houses. Lunch will be served at a seafood restaurant in Pare-Pare. In the afternoon stop on the Lakawan hill for having coffee break while enjoy the wonderful view of erotic mountains. In the afternoon arrive in Rantepao. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

After breakfast, we will take you on a full day Tana Toraja tour. In the morning we will visit Lemo where we can find hanging graves with its rows of Tau-Tau effigies. On to Londa, a natural grave where the deceased are entombed. Kete Kesu is a traditional Torajan village where we can see the Tongkonan houses and the rice barns. From here we drive to Rantepao for lunch then In the afternoon heading to  Batutumonga highland, where we can enjoy the spectacular views of blue mountains, green rice terraces & other unique sites around the spot. Than back to hotel for dinner and overnight.

After breakfast, drive back to Makassar. Lunch will be served at seafood restaurant in Pare-Pare. In the afternoon arrive in Makassar. Onwards, transfer directly to Hasanuddin Airport Makassar for your next destination. End of tour.

The package / inclusive of:
overnight accommodation in good standard hotels in twin share room, breakfast daily, transport in airconditioned car  + fuel, the guide & driver, their meals and overnight accommodation costs, entrance fee for tourists objects.

What not include:
Meals, Lunch, Dinner  & Beverages (Alcoholic, Soft drink, Mini bar at hotel, Optional Tours & Services are not mentioned on the itinerary, Private expenses (Laundry, Phone call etc), Tips for guide and driver

All itineraries are subject to change without prior notice.


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