Bunaken Snorkeling Tour

Bunaken National Park

What visit to North Sulawesi is complete without one day to view the spectacular coral gardens of the Bunaken Marine Reserve ? Declared a Marine Park in 1991, it is acknowledged as one of the top dive sites in the world. It is approximately 40 minutes drive from the resort to one of the dive centres or to the central harbour where a motorized outrigger canoe or dive boat will whisk you to Bunaken Island in about 45 minutes. The Reserve comprises of the Islands of Bunaken, Siladen, Nain and Montehage and the dive and snorkelling sites are numerous and diverse. The drop off wall at Liang Cove in particular is rare in the world and described by enthusiasts as spectacular with caves, gullies and caverns harbouring an immense wealth of marine life. Brilliantly coloured fish dart amongst the vibrant coral and the water is clear and warm. Ideal for first time snorkellers or experienced divers alike.
What includes : Guide, Private Boat, lunch, Entrance fee
Set out after breakfast on fullday excursion to Bunaken Island, snorkeling is great fun anywhere in the world but here you will be fully satisfied with lost of exciting tropical marine life and the prime attraction is the vertical walls with spectacular colors of underwater paradise. Lunch served on the island.  
Note : Bring sun block, sun glasses, hat, Towel and change cloths.

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